In addition to the standalone leadership workshops that are shown here, our team also deliver integrated development programmes.
A range of key topics
We will work with you to bring together the topics you need to achieve your leadership development goals with us.
Delivered at regular intervals
We usually deliver our programmes to a single leadership group over a number of months, allowing for practice inbetween.
Online and in person
We are happy to deliver in person, or to provide virtual sessions alongside pre and post work.

Core leadership topics

Our most popular leadership topics are shown below. We can also deliver a range of additional topics in order to meet your exact needs.
Leadership style
Delegates will explore their own leadership style, as well as how to vary it to reflect the requirements of team and task.
Coaching skills
Delegates will be introduced to the importance of applying the correct leadership style in relation to task and individual capability.
High-performing teams
The session provides delegates with a clear evidence-based framework for assessing and improving team effectiveness.
Conflict fundamentals
Participants will learn a framework to help them manage conflict constructively, as well as practical strategies.
The session provides delegates with an overview of the science, theory and practice of psychological resilience.
Compassion in leadership
Participants will consider what it is to lead with compassion, both for self and others, and the evidence-based benefits.
Leading change
Delegates will learn about commonly used change management theories and practice key techniques.
Effective negotiation
Participants will develop an understanding of different negotiation stances and learn how to plan effectively.

Designing your programme

Our approach to designing leadership development programmes is based on the principle of co-creating content and delivery methods based on organisational priorities; the sponsor’s objectives as well as the experience of the target audience and their managers.

Online co-design conversations allow us to engage large numbers of staff and while they often confirm the views of the programme sponsors about development priorities there are always valuable pointers about how we can help transfer learning into the workplace and the fact that staff are engaged in discussion at an early stage generates enthusiasm and maximises uptake.

Find out more about leadership support

To find out more about our leadership development programmes, please contact Jim Timpson, our Leadership and OD workstream lead.

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