Online Facilitation

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This online course will share tips, techniques, and ways of working with teams online.


The rapid shift to online meeting and working is both exciting and a little bewildering. We have lots of experience working with groups in rooms with flip chart paper, post it notes and group discussion, but how do we transfer this to a virtual environment?

This online course will share tips, techniques, and ways of working with teams online. We will share our experience and resources as we all suddenly find ourselves working in a virtual world.  

Participants will experience various approaches to facilitating online learning, including group discussions, plenary discussion, interactive polling, chat box discussion, virtual brainstorming and breakout room discussion.

The course will cover a range of options available and run through numerous tips, traps, challenges and of course in doing so, provide useful insight and advice. Never has collaboration, sharing and the wisdom of the crowd been needed more, join our virtual session to discuss virtual sessions. 

7 hours
Anyone who needs to facilitate a meeting, workshop or training session

Learning outcomes

  • What changes online
  • How to master virtual facilitation technology
  • Designing an effective online session
  • Tools for online engagement


Rob Davis
Joe Blunden

Learning materials

  • Videos and presentations
  • Links to additional resources
  • Activities and a quiz to check learning
  • A certificate of completion

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