Our team development services

We will work with you to agree which format will suit your team best.
Before we begin
After an initial conversation with you to discuss your team development needs and aspirations, we might also conduct one-to-one interviews to help us build a fuller picture of the team and plan the most appropriate intervention for them.
One-off development session
One option would be a half-day session with you and your team, either online or offline. This would typically cover the fundamentals of team development the drama triangle, amongst other things.
Team development programme
A second option is a multi-part programme of half-day sessions, delivered online or offline. These would cover a wide range of key topics, such as building strong teams, having difficult conversations and building personal resilience.

Our approach

Our key theoretical basis is the work of Michael West, John Adair, Patrick Lencioni and Amy Edmondson.

West states that the main ingredients for high performing teams are common core objectives, clarity on roles and responsibilities to meeting these objectives and meeting regularly to review them. Many teams that are not functioning well are missing these key components.

Adair focuses on the need for all team members to invest time and effort into evaluation and continually trying to improve team performance, by a process of team development. Many NHS teams are so focused on delivery of the task that development of the individual and team is sacrificed. This will eventually impact the team’s ability and efficacy of delivery of the task.

Lencioni and Edmondson focus on the need for teams to build trust and be comfortable to debate issues freely to achieve the best possible results and part of our work with teams often involves helping teams to think about how they manage conflict well and build accountability across peers.

Find out more about team development

To find out more about our team development offer, please contact Jim Timpson, our Membership lead.

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