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Happier Working Lives

Would you and your team like to be happier at work? If so, why not join our Happier Working Lives national programme and explore how you can work together to improve team-working, wellness, camaraderie, psychological safety, and ultimately happiness in your workplace.

This five-part training and support programme for teams will give you and your colleagues the tools, skills and confidence to make real improvements.

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Why is a happier working life important?

According to research by the Healthcare Workers' Foundation, 73% of NHS staff have considered leaving the NHS in the last 12 months. Over 30%of staff feel they are likely to leave in the next 12months, which would cost more than £20billionin training costs alone. The top three priorities for staff were job satisfaction, their work environment, and pay.

To help reverse this worrying trend, NHS Elect is working with teams from across the NHS to develop solutions that will help them thrive, not just survive. The Happier Working Lives programme builds on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Joy at Work framework and reflects the challenges we all now face.

How it works

Over five months, teams will learn to apply a proven quality improvement framework and explore how they can improve team working, wellness, camaraderie, psychological safety, and ultimately happiness in work. The programme includes five, three-hour online workshops, as well as coaching in-between sessions.

Understanding happiness

Introducing the programme and a focus on what matters to you.

Measuring happiness

Collecting and analysing data to measure baseline team experience.

Thinking creatively

Working creatively to come up with ideas for improvement.

Creating happier teams

Collating common themes and exploring ideas from what has worked elsewhere.

Celebrating success

A chance for us to reflect on what we've learnt about ourselves and our team? What difference have we made?

Quality time for teams
Support for staff
Feedback opportunities

Did you know?

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teams have participated in our Happier Working Lives programme

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training and OD workshops are delivered by our team every year

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the average rating delegates give our training sessions

How to book

How much is the programme?

NHS Elect members - The programme can be delivered as part of your organisation’s existing membership with NHS Elect, subject to approval from your account lead. The entire programme will cost £2,400 or eight tokens per team. If you are not sure who your account lead is or how the token system works, please let us know and we’ll help you through the process. 

Non-members - If you aren't a current NHS Elect member, you can still benefit from this programme at a cost of £3,200 per team.

Next programme dates:

Our next Happier Working Lives cohort begins on 5th September, 9:30-12:30.

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Drop us an email to find out more about the Happier Working Lives programme and how to secure your place.