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Quality coach development programme

The Quality Coach Development Programme (QCDP) is an exciting opportunity for individuals and teams to develop and strengthen their skills around QI and QI coaching.


About the programme

The programme brings together the concepts of coaching, facilitation, improvement, measurement, the psychology of change, and much more. The materials have been designed and developed by a dedicated group of national subject matter experts from across the QI community in the UK and Ireland.

The QCDP offers a broad range of possible benefits to an organisation, including improved outcomes, experience of care, staff experience, increased retention, and a culture of continuous improvement. You can find out more about the programme and why you should consider joining it in the programme guide.

Who is it for?

This programme is initially offered as a train-the-trainer programme and is aimed at those who work in QI roles or who teach quality improvement within their organisation. The aim is that by joining this programme, individuals will be able to return to their organisation with the know-how to deliver a local cohort.

The train-the-trainer programme includes:

Eight taught lessons

Mentorship from our QI faculty

Coaching circles

Support for a QCDP delivery plan

How to book

How much is the programme?

NHS Elect members - The programme can be delivered as part of your organisation’s existing membership with NHS Elect, subject to approval from your account lead. The entire programme will cost £1,800 or six tokens per person. If you are not sure who your account lead is or how the token system works, please let us know and we’ll help you through the process. 

Non-members - If you aren't a current NHS Elect member, you can still benefit from this programme at a cost of £2,000 per person.

Next programme dates:

Dates for our next two cohorts will be available soon.

Get in touch

Drop us an email to find out more about the Quality Coach Development Programme and how to secure your place.