The NHS Long-term Workforce Plan will require a step change in the way systems and organisations develop and transform the workforce.

To help you achieve sustainable results, our specialist team will collaborate with you to establish effective strategies to grow your workforce and retain existing talent.

We can provide the support you need to re-imagine the future of education and training, including building educator capability, co-designing education and training resources, and driving innovation through technology enhanced learning.

How we can work with you

  • Analyse workforce development needs to inform your strategic direction 
  • Design and deliver education programmes using blended techniques, including simulation based education and interprofessional education 
  • Develop your education team through leadership development programmes 
  • Transform educational content into compelling and accessible formats, such as animations, videos, or interactive webpages 
  • Digitise your existing clinical competency frameworks to gain the additional benefits digital provides   
  • Help you unlock the power of technology enhanced learning and digitalisation – improving digital literacy 

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