Communications and engagement services

The team is experienced in all key areas of communications and engagement.

Creating a new visual identity for a service or department and developing brand values
Service promotion
Planning and delivering campaigns and other activity to help you achieve your goals.
Strategy and planning
Co-creating marketing strategies and plans to help you maximise your resources.
Social media
Delivering practical support including auditing your channels and social media advertising.
Stakeholder engagement
Providing hands on support to help you engage with your stakeholders more effectively
Auditing your website or intranet and making recommendations to help you enhance it.
Internal communications
Reviewing existing internal communications through research and staff engagement.
Helping you find out what your staff and patients think through online surveys and focus groups.

We can also provide our members with a wide range of design services.

Web design
Our team can produce mircrosites to help you deliver information to stakeholders more effectively.
Graphic design
Our designers can produce a wide range of materials including posters, infographics and social media content.
Videos and motion graphics
The team can create compelling 'talking head' videos, animations and motion graphics to help you convey your messages.

What we can help you achieve

Our team can help you achieve many important objectives, including:

  • Improving the way your organisation communicates with stakeholders
  • Stimulating behaviour change through impactful campaigns
  • Learning what patients and staff think and feel about your services to help shape new models of care
  • Filling gaps within your team to ensure you can deliver business as usual
  • Upskilling your staff in key aspects of communication

Find out more

To find out more and discuss how we can help meet your communications and engagement needs, please contact Joe Blunden, our workstream lead.

Email Joe