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Full membership

Our full membership has the best of both worlds. All staff at your organisation can access 140 webinars, a range of online courses, over 200 resources, and join specialist networks.

In addition to this, full members can also choose from in-house training, one-to-one coaching, leadership development, national programmes and consultancy services. The membership is fully flexible to suit your needs.

What does full membership include?

Online access for all staff

All your staff can access hundreds of hours of training through our website, across a range of topics, including:

How do tokens work?

You can mix and match how you use your 80 tokens.

Cost in tokens for our most popular services  
Face-to-face workshops and facilitation (lasting upto a day) 4 tokens
Online interactive workshops (2-3 hours) 3 tokens
In-house webinars (60-90 minutes) 2 tokens
One-to-one coaching (upto 4 sessions) 4 tokens per client
Consultancy services 4 tokens per day
Happier working lives national programme 8 tokens per team


Here's an example of how one member has used their tokens for the year:

10 x face-to-face workshops (4 tokens each) 40 tokens
6 x online workshops (3 tokens each) 18 tokens
3 x in-house webinars (2 tokens each) 6 tokens
2 x coaching clients (4 tokens per client) 8 tokens
1 x team on Happier working lives programme 8 tokens
Total: 80 tokens 


Need advice on how to use your tokens?

Please get in touch with our friendly team, who will be happy to discuss your individual requirements. We can help you get the most out of your token allocation.

Tailored for healthcare

Our training is designed specifically for healthcare professionals, ensuring that every lesson, exercise, and case study is relevant to your unique challenges and needs.

Value for money

Our membership offers huge value for money. Not only will all your staff have access to online learning through our website, you can also use tokens on the training and OD you need.

Range of topics

Choose from popular topics, including leadership, management fundamentals, communications, QI, strategy, career planning, customer care and more.

Support for staff at all levels

Our training includes something for everyone, from staff just starting their career, through to experienced leaders.

Dedicated account manager

You'll get support from a dedicated account manager to help you make the most of your membership.

Analytics and reporting

Find out how your staff use the NHS Elect membership. See what training is trending and identify areas which might need investment.

Why choose us

Expert facilitators

Our facilitators are not just trainers but seasoned healthcare professionals with experience across the NHS. They bring real-world knowledge to the training space.

Exceptional trainer ratings

Our members praise our workshops for their relevance and practicality - rating us an average of over 9 out of 10. 

We're part of the NHS

We're part of the NHS and hosted by Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. We understand your finance processes, which makes procurement seamless.

Find out more about membership

We would love to discuss how an NHS Elect membership could work for your organisation.