How Happier Working Lives works

Over 3-6 months, staff from up to eight teams in your organisation will participate in three whole-day workshops, or five halfday sessions online.

The team members will be supported by two experienced facilitators throughout the programme, and they will have access to a personalised online resource library that helps consolidate their learning.

As well as sharing a wide range of important information, each session is packed with high-energy activities to keep participants fully engaged and enjoying their time together.

Key information

Happier working lives brings teams of people together to work, learn, and bond, rather than individuals.

Focused on shared learning

Each participating team is made up of 4-6 people who represent their wider team. Throughout the programme they are encouraged to engage with their colleagues to share learning and implement improvements.

Multiple teams in one place

We can accommodate up to eight different teams on each programme, with lots of shared learning throughout.

Work in between sessions

To maximise the impact of the programme, teams will be required to implement some of their learning in between each session.

A cost effective solution
The programme costs 24 tokens per cohort. This includes all workshops for up to eight teams, facilitator travel and subsistence, digital templates and other resources.

Find out more

To find out more about our Happier Working Lives programmes, please contact Robin Davis, our wellbeing workstream lead.

Email Robin

Our national HWL programme

We also run a national Happier Working Lives programme, bringing together teams from across the country to increase happiness. Please email to find out more.