Customer care services

In addition to the standalone customer care workshops that are shown here, our team also deliver integrated customer care programmes.
Self-directed course

We now offer a customisable online customer care programme that your staff could access anytime they want.

We are happy to deliver sessions in person, or to provide virtual sessions for your staff.
Train-the-trainer sessions
We can also deliver a train-the-trainer session to enable you to deliver our proven sessions yourselves.
Corporate options available
We can also deliver online customer care workshops for corporate teams, to enable them to support clinical colleagues more effectively.

Self-directed customer care course

We have now captured Sue Kong’s experience of delivering this face-to-face workshop for the last 18 years into an online learning programme that your staff can access anytime they want.

This self-directed e-learning course will be personalised for your organisation in exchange for 20 tokens. This will provide unlimited access for all your staff for 12 months, including completion reporting and certification. The materials could also be used by your organisation's facilitator to 'plug and play' in a face-to- face workshop.

It will take your staff around six hours to complete and your organisation could generate thousands of hours of CPD by offering this widely.

Find out more about our services

To find out more about the services we provide, please contact Sue Kong, our customer care  workstream lead.

Email Sue

Patient experience support

In addition to our customer care services, we also deliver a range of bespoke support to help you understand the experiences of your patients.
Goldfish Bowl facilitation
Delivering a powerful patient listening forum to embed the patients’ voices in service development.
Other hands-on engagement
Creating surveys, using Experience Based Design (EBD) and facilitating focus groups to help you understand patient views.
Patient engagement planning
Helping you to develop your patient engagement plan to enable you to understand your users more effectively.